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Is Black Mold Lurking In Your Home Or Office? Mold is a perfectly natural growth that is found in all environments. It is essential for the ecosystem and has a vital role to play. Unfortunately, not all types of mold are safe for co-existence within enclosed environments with humans. When there is a concern about potentially toxic growths, a Toxins - Heavy Metals, Toxins Removed Safely, Effectively & Naturally is a must to determine the exact types and the mold count in a particular environment. When a mold test is ordered, Stachybotrys, known as black mold or toxic black mold, is the strain that most people are trying to rule out or confirm.



Black mold is among the most toxic molds commonly found growing in buildings and it has gotten a lot of media coverage. It has been documented to lead to asthma, bronchitis, respiratory bleeding and cognitive loss.


However, black mold can lead to any number of the health effects listed below, depending on the immune system of the individual. Stachybotrys became known as black mold due to its appearance. Quite often it will be seen growing on drywall, wood, carpet, etc.

as a somewhat black blob (see below). However, many other mold species are also black in appearance. Therefore, it is important to perform a Women's Health is Environmental Health: Avoiding Common Toxic ... on the visible mold to determine if it is Stachybotrys or some other type of mold. Image 2: Microscopic Image of Black Mold (Stachybotrys sp. ) When black mold or other potentially harmful growths are suspected in a home or office environment, ImmunoLytics is here to assist. We are a leading mycology lab with extensive experience in the field of mold testing.

Serving homeowners, hospitals, schools, doctors and environmental specialists, we provide our clients with easy-to-use mold test kits.

You can order a mold test kit directly from our online store. Once it arrives, follow the simple instruction to obtain a sample. This is then sent back to our lab for analysis. We will analyze the mold test sample and type any mold spores found. After this is done, a professional will discuss the results with you directly and offer recommendations for your next actions if problem spores are detected. If our mold detector kit and analysis do reveal a concern, our professional staff, consisting of environmental specialists and pharmacists, will consult with you via phone and put you in touch with a network of industry professionals who can address your concerns.



We do not believe in providing our clients results from a Letter from the Executive Director | Johns Hopkins Institute for Cell ... without giving them the information they need to take the next step to improve their environment and health.


If there is a concern about the potential of black mold growth in your home, just order one of our mold test kits today. To find out more about us or our mold test procedures, call or e-mail us at (505) 217-0339 or ALS | Lou Gehrig's Disease | MND Natural Therapies. Return to Natural Mold And Mildew Removal Products | Migraine Treatment ... Home © 2010, ImmunoLytics, All Rights Reserved.



More than just a Women's Health is Environmental Health: Avoiding Common Toxic ...  - You get a professional MOLD analysis and an expert consultation + a full-color online report with every order.

Need to test additional rooms? Add more during checkout for only $30 per test! Easy way to test surfaces that may have Cleansing Neurotoxin Overload  growing on them! Cancer Tumors Thought to be Caused by Molds: Radical Reassessment of Disease Based on a Model Cancer is a Fungus | Suite101. com Oncologist Dr. T Simoncini discovered cancer treatments with antifungal medicine. The most powerful antifungal is both inexpensive and unpatentable - sodium bicarbonate. According to Luke Curtis et al, "Adverse Health Effects of Indoor Moulds", Nexus Magazine, July 2006, mold related health symptoms are common and varied.



Many people have reported ill-health effects from their exposure to fungi, which are ubiquitous in both indoor and outdoor environments.


The toxins produced by a fungus are present in indoor dust and in fungal spores, which can be absorbed through the respiratory system. Exposures can cause: A previous article showed there are 100,000 varieties of fungus and molds frequently spread by tiny spores, which often become airborne. Fungi require moisture and a food source to grow.